Hey, I’m Mitch

A visual graphic designer, photographer, 3D artist & illustrator based in Nottwil, Luzern, Switzerland. I have always been passionate about creativity and graphic design, five years ago this passion turned into a career, as I became a freelance graphic designer. I am always looking for new challenges and want to push myself further.

Throughout the years I specialized myself in portrait photography, visual edits and retouching. My journey in photography started 17 years ago. Since then I have learned different techniques in composition, lighting and edits. But most importantly I have developed my own style.

I focus on natural expression not poses

3d brings you where you want 


In 2021 I started studying 3D. It brought a whole new dimension to my artistic knowledge. Mixing 3D with photography unlocked new possibilities in my workflow. It makes products, packaging design, animation and storytelling even more exciting and flexible.

NFTs World

My creations, designs and collectible items can be found in various art galleries and marketplaces such as Rarible, Opensea & Satoshi.art . If you have an idea and you want to realize it, I will be more than happy to collab with you! 


Since my childhood, I have put great importance and passion into drawings. It is, in my opinion, the best way to communicate and express ideas and emotions that are difficult to put into words. My style can be described as cartoony, I love to use thick outlines, geometric shapes, and bright colors.


Bringing my drawings to life was the most exciting thing I learned to do. I’m a storyteller and tools like Blender allowed me to explore and develop my creativity even more.





Premiere Pro
Filmora X
OBS Studio
After Effects




Photography Video

Sony A7II
Canon 7D
DJI Pantom 4

Sigma 20mm 1.4
Sigma 85mm 1.4
Canon 24-105 4.0

2x Godox 860II
Softbox 65cm


BeQuiet Pure 500
GeForce RTX2080 8G OC DUKE
Corsair 2x8GB 3200 
I7 8700
Asus ROG STRIX 350-F
BeQuiet PureRock 4 Pro 
IBeQuiet StraightPower 850W



Get in touch

For any commissions or collabs feel free to leave me a message!